Do I Really Need A Website Audit?

Do I Really Need A Website Audit?

A website audit is the first step in learning exactly where you stand in relation to your website’s level of search visibility. A complete and detailed audit will give you a better understanding as to why your site is (or is not) generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving.

Will One of the ‘Free’ Automated Reports Help?
There are many “automated” website seo audit tools where you can do it yourself. However, most of these tools are designed for very low-level results or used to upsell you to a more expensive product that you may or may not know how to use properly.

For example, one of the most popular “free” automated website tools is Woorank. While the data pulled is, at a glance,  okay. It is important to note this tools limitations. This tool ONLY pulls data from the URL that is placed in the box, not from the hundreds of URLs likely on your site. Therefore, you will only get a small glimpse into the potential issues with your site as a whole.

Do I Really Need An Audit, My Business Isn’t Large?

No matter the size of your business or website, SEO is vital for any business. Whether you are a local mom and pop shop or a large corporate business, SEO is more important than ever. For smaller businesses, local SEO is vital to ensuring that consumers can find your business in a sea of web searchers.

There are literally hundreds of factors used by the search engines to determine how your site will be returned in the results and it is vital that you have someone on your side that understands what you need to do to improve. A website audit provides a thorough starting point for your business and will help you gauge actual conversions.

What will you learn from your website audit

  1. What is your website’s overall health score?
  2. Does your website have any duplicate content (a big no-no for Google)?
  3. Can Google even crawl all of your website’s pages?
  4. Would Schema implementation help your business?
  5. How many backlinks do you have? Are any harmful?
  6. Are your URL’s setup correctly?
  7. Do you have any major meta issues?

These are just a few of the many things needed for proper website optimization!

What Does A Good SEO Audit Include?
There is much more to auditing a website than just dropping the website URL into a a free program and hoping for the best. At GogoBDS we spend approximately 3 days pulling data from your website and making recommendations for improvement. All of our website audits include the following:

  1. Technical audit- Can Google and other search engines crawl your website? And do they want to? The technical audit details if your website is coded properly and running quickly.
  2. On-site audit- We provide a full review of your website from title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and keywords density to ensure your website has keywords in all the correct places.
  3. Off-site audit- SEO is more than just the work you do on your website. We also track backlinks and the authority of the sites linking to your page.
  4. Keyword discovery- What keywords should you be targeting? Do you know? Don’t rely just on Google Adwords for traffic, find those hidden gems within a sea of keywords thanks to GogoBDS’ in-depth keyword analysis.
  5. Competitor analysis- What are your competitors doing right? What are they doing wrong? Gain first hand knowledge of where your competitors stand in the world of SEO. (This will include a list of keywords your competitors currently rank and an audit of their site.)

Our reports are EXTREMELY detailed. An average website seo audit report runs upwards of 50 pages! THAT IS A LOT OF DATA!

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