Website Audit and Keyword Discovery

Don’t let your competition get the business you could have just because you didn’t show up on the first page.

Do I Really Need A Website Audit?

Search Engine Optimization

Having a fantastic website is meaningless unless a customer can actually find it. That is where the GogoBDS services come into play. Gogo will ensure your website is up-to-date with all the latest SEO techniques so that your website can be easily be found by your consumer. GogoBDS does not take a cut and dry approach to SEO, instead offering a fully customized package to meet your specific needs. No matter what business or market you are in, we will find a strategy that works for you. Our SEO strategy comes in four key parts: research, technical, onsite and offsite. A website audit, competitor analysis and keyword discovery are phase one followed by correction of any issues on the site that would prevent search engines from fully crawling your site (this is the research and technical phases). Next we optimize your site with the chosen keywords through SEO best practices. One the site is to our standard, the efforts shift to offsite efforts such as submitting your site to directories and working to obtain backlinks.

Have You Had Your Website Audited?

Have you had your website audited lately? Gogo offers full website audits that include powerful keyword discovery reports, a full competitor analysis and onsite SEO enhancement recommendations.
Wondering what your report would look like? Check out this sample that was completed recently for a client. This is only a fraction of the data provided to our client (he received a 69 page report!), but still overwhelmingly more than what Google Analytics can provide, which many clients rely solely on for auditing and goal tracking purposes.

Reputation Management?

Improve and restore your brand's good name by eliminating and responding to negative feedback about your company online. GogoBDS will identify negative information about your brand and help you come up with a plan to replace the negative comments with positive ones. Damaging press, review sites, or complaint sites like RipOffReport or can have a devastating effect on a business when they appear on the first page of the search engines results for brand related queries. We will push your positive reviews forward while working out a plan to address any negative issues with a personal response.