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Social Media Management

Gogo BDS offers a full line of social media management products that can help give you an edge over your competitors. Social media is an integral part of your online presence but knowing what to post and when can be difficult. Gogo offers small businesses the ability to keep their brand voice while turning over the tedious social media tasks to our team of professional social media managers. We will ensure your brand voice is echoed across all platforms while optimizing all posts with SEO in mind.

A social media consultant from our team will sit down and craft a custom social media strategy for your business or brand, complete with posting schedule, demographics targeting, and content topics. We will work with you to ensure your brand's voice is never lost and that your message is consistant across all your social media channels.

Reputation Management?

Improve and restore your brand's good name by eliminating and responding to negative feedback about your company online. GogoBDS will identify negative information about your brand and help you come up with a plan to replace the negative comments with positive ones. Damaging press, review sites, or complaint sites like RipOffReport or can have a devastating effect on a business when they appear on the first page of the search engines results for brand related queries. We will push your positive reviews forward while working out a plan to address any negative issues with a personal response.

Tara "Dactyl" West

Don’t let that sweet smile fool you. This bird has an eye for all things social media. Tara has been in the industry since it became an industry and she knows her stuff. A few of her clients include one of Twitter's biggest accounts and she tweets for some popular news personalities (don't worry, she also works heavily with mom and pop shops as well). She knows her stuff and when GoGo Business development is working for you, The Dactile is working for you as well. Let us swoop in and take your social media game to the next level.

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